“The 16-hour Master Microtherapy System Certification course is the most intensive, in-depth, and research based microtherapy training available! Learn Microtherapies and medical esthetics from skincare professionals who have mastered the system and use it with their own clients on a daily basis.”

“Kristin is a plethora of knowledge, a trusted source and considered an expert when it comes to anything laser, skincare or aesthetics.”

“I had the pleasure of meeting Kristin, a couple of years ago at NLI as one of many instructors I had. I may run out of words describing Krissy’s awesome personality because if there is someone that inspires me, its her! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and professional but also has a great sense of humor to go with it. She is one of those people that leave a lasting impression on you and is definitely someone who will go an extra mile to help you out in any situation and that too with a smile on her face. Her energy, position attitude and vibrant personality are definitely contagious and I wish I met more people like her in my life.”

16 Hour Master Microtherapy Certification Course (8 Hour Online Primer then 8 Hours Live) $995

The Master Microtherapy Training Course was initially developed in 2010 making it the first microtherapy course available to practitioners. This course was developed by a doctor in collaboration with microtherapy experts who have performed hundreds of treatments and have trained thousands of skincare professionals. The Master Microtherapy Training Course is based on peer-reviewed research, many hours of protocol/product development and testing, and now constitutes the most thorough and up to date microtherapy training available anywhere. This course provides the attendee with significant training in:

  • Skin anatomy and skin physiology
  • Research based skin nutrition
  • Micropigmentation and microtherapy technologies
  • Comparing and combining microtherapies with other modalities to maximize results
  • Reducing wound stress and inflammation
  • Wound repair physiology and differential healing responses
  • Fetal versus adult wound healing
  • Genetic and environmental interactions
  • Skin nutrition
  • Advantages of mechanical microtherapy modalities compared to other treatment modalities
  • Topical absorption
  • Treatment planning and case studies
  • Contraindications to microtherapy
  • Combining microtherapies with other treatments
  • Demonstration of protocols and techniques
  • Choosing the proper topicals and timing of application
  • Methods to increase topical (including pigment) absorption
  • Emerging technologies and the very latest advances in skin care
  • Significant student opportunities for hands-on microtherapy treatments on live patients, guided by experienced educator/professionals who use the system with their own clients, not product reps.

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The Master Microtherapy Training Certification Course is the proper course to attend for those who:

  • already own a professional microtherapy system (bring your current system to class with you!)
  • are ready to profitably add microtherapy to his/her practice
  • already have experience with microtherapy (micropigmentation, microneedling, etc.)
  • are nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and doctors
  • are experienced, licensed, skin care professionals

The significant theoretical, practical, and hands-on live patient treatment opportunities provided to the Master Microtherapy Training Certification Course attendee, allows the skincare professional to feel confident in performing the complex protocols and explaining/marketing microtherapies to his/her clients. Attendees of this rigorous course will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Enrollees will be assigned 8 hours of online Anatomy & Skin Physiology training that MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO LIVE ATTENDANCE. Once onsite, enrollees will spend 4 hours in intensive classroom training preparing them for the next 4 hours of live patient training. 

Continental breakfast, refreshments, snacks, and a catered lunch are complimentary for attendees.

PREREQUISITE: There is no specific prerequisite for this course but attendees should be licensed skincare professionals.

Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy has developed curricula (including the curriculum above) for physicians and other skin care professionals. Some of our curricula discuss scientific concepts, images, videos, procedures, and opinions that were intended for physicians who have the ability to use microtherapy devices in a variety of expanded functions and procedures (in addition to micropigmentation). It is essential that all attendees of Esthetic Advisor® courses, regardless of licensure, comply with all federal, state, and local restrictions regarding the use of any microtherapy device (or any device for that matter) with respect to his/her specific licensing and to the specific indications authorized by any governing body. Esthetic Advisor® courses are designed for informational purposes only. Esthetic Advisor® and Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy, does not purport to furnish legal or medical advice. Additionally, the content of this website are for informational purposes only.