The 8 hour ARRA Approved Laser Refresher Course (Live, block schedule) $495

Format: Live, in-person

Location: Scottsdale, AZ.

This 8 hour course was designed for Arizona practitioners that already attended an ARRA approved 40 hour didactic course prior to 2010 and due to ARRA rule change in 2010, is now required by ARRA to take an approved 8 hour laser refresher course in order to obtain ARRA laser certification. This is also an excellent course for students who feel they didn’t get enough rules and regulations from their national school.

The 8 Hour ARRA Approved Laser Refresher Course includes:

  • 3 hours of laser physics
  • 1 hour regulatory agencies
  • 4 hours laser safety practices

Students will be given a certificate of completion that can be submitted to ARRA at the end of the course.

PREREQUISTE: Students must have taken a 40 hour didactic course and are attempting certification in AZ. Candidates for this class are strongly urged to CALL US to discuss if this course is appropriate. (480) 659-2251.