Here is a brief sample of the online portion of a hybrid class. Check it out for free!

HYBRID COURSES: For those non- AZ career changers looking for the convenience of online didactic courses but also desire hands-on training, EALA offers several hybrid courses combining the best of both worlds. Hybrid course attendees receive their hands on clinical instruction at our Scottsdale location or at our one of our affiliate school locations.  At EALA, we strive to provide students the highest quality education in formats that suit individual needs and preferences.

Woman Having Laser Treatment At Beauty Clinic88 Hour Hybrid Comprehensive Laser Operator CourseEsthetic Advisor Laser Academy (EALA) is excited to offer non-Arizona students the 88 Hour Comprehensive Laser Operator Course as a revolutionary hybrid course providing all your classroom instruction through video learning. Unlike a voice behind a boring Powerpoint presentation, all of our video courses are professionally recorded and provide engaging, educational, and often entertaining training as if you were sitting in front of a live instructor. Taking the didactic portion of the course online cuts a student’s time away from home dramatically while providing the same quality instruction at the convenience of learning at home. Attendees of this comprehensive hybrid course receive their hands on clinical instruction at our Scottsdale location.
This 88 hour hybrid course combines the 40 Hour Online Basic Laser Didactic Course together with the live 48 Hour Clinical Laser Operator Course to provide start to finish comprehensive laser training in less than two weeks. There are no prerequisites.
girl face with peel away for OUTSIDE of PATIENT Brochure8 Hour Hybrid Mid-depth Chemical Peel CourseOur 8 Hour Hybrid Chemical Peel course blends the best of both online training and hands on application. The 6 hour online didactic portion of the class will not only teach you how to chemically peel the skin, but skin anatomy and common skin conditions that chemical peels are used for. Specifically, you will learn the following subjects:

Skin anatomy
Chemical peel history
Skin conditions
Classifications and peel depth
Mechanism of action of common peeling agents
Avoiding potential complications
Post peel tips
Once you have completed the online theory course, you will attend either a hands-on practicum at Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy’s Scottsdale location, or one of Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy’s affiliate schools who offer the chemical peel training. This 2-hour hands-on portion consists of a demonstration and then the student performing a mid-depth peel application. Because we are using a mid-depth peel, if participants are wishing to use this depth of peel in their practice, they must be under the direction of a medical director with a DEA license, or a health professional possessing a DEA license. You will receive the appropriate certificate of completion at the end of this course.

PREREQUISITE: Attendees should be a licensed esthetician, cosmetologist, or healthcare professional.