Esthetic Advisor Introduction to Microtherapies Course

Regardless of what system is used, learning how to safely and effectively use a microsystem requires more training than just how to hold the device, turn it on, and clean it when you are done. Unlike other microtherapy courses that provide little to no clinical knowledge, the Esthetic Advisor Introduction to Microtherapies course teaches not only the basics of how to safely use the system, but equally important, teach skincare professionals how to achieve spectacular (and profitable!) results.

  • Find out how to make $300+ per hour providing amazing results to your clients!
  • Unlock and master the unique treatment capabilities of microtherapy systems
  • Become confident in using microsystems to predictably treat acne scarring, pigmentation issues, scars from trauma and surgery, stretch marks, and other common skin issues as well as provide the latest age management therapy!
  • Learn about the latest advances in fractional therapies that are supported by peer-reviewed research, not marketing hype!
  • IMPORTANT: At Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy, we have developed and copyrighted curricula (including the curriculum above) for physicians and other skin care professionals. Some of our curricula discuss scientific concepts, images, videos, procedures, and opinions that were intended for physicians who have the ability to use microneedling devices in a variety of expanded functions and procedures. It is essential that all attendees of Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy courses, regardless of licensure, comply with all FDA, state, and local restrictions regarding the use of any microdevice (or any device for that matter) with respect to his/her specific licensing and to the specific indications authorized by any governing body. Esthetic Advisor courses are designed for informational purposes only and Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy, and Esthetic Advisors LLC do not purport to furnish legal advice.

The 4 Hour Introduction to Microtherapies Course (live) $295

Format(s): In person

Locations: Scottsdale, Boston, MA, and Minnesota

The Esthetic Advisor Introduction to Microtherapies course is designed for estheticians, cosmetologists, and skin professionals who want to find out more about the advances in microdevices and receive a well-rounded overview of microsystem treatments from experienced skincare professional instructors who use these devices on their own clients. Attendees receive a $300 (retail value) EstheCeuticals® starter kit and a certificate of completion. This introductory level class provides the attendees the following:

  • an outline of the science behind microtherapies
  • an overview of response to fractional therapies
  • Choosing the proper topicals
  • Methods to increase topical absorption
  • a comparison of fractional technologies
  • an overview of protocols
  • contraindications
  • a demonstration and operation of microdevices
  • Question & Answer session

This course includes 3.5 hours of didactic and .5 hours of demonstration with complimentary refreshments.

PREREQUISITES: There are no prerequisites for this course.

To enroll click the “ENROLL NOW” button or [email protected] if you wish to speak with us, call (480) 656-4481 9-5pm PST.

EARN $300 per Hour! FIND OUT HOW!  Contact us today [email protected] (480) 656-4481!


For those skincare professionals who desire a more comprehensive microneedling course with hands-on opportunities, the 16 Hour Live Esthetic Advisor Master Microtherapy Course is the proper course to attend for those who:
already own any microsystem (you may bring your current system to class with you!)
are ready to profitably add microtherapies to his/her practice
already have experience performing microtherapy treatments
are nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and doctors
are experienced, licensed, skin care professionals
The significant theoretical, practical, and hands-on live patient treatment opportunities provided to the Master Microtherapy Course attendee, allows the skincare professional to feel confident in performing the complex protocols and explaining/marketing microtherapy treatments to his/her clients. Attendees of this rigorous course will receive a Certificate of Achievement. Click HERE to find out more or call us at (480) 656-4481.