In Arizona you must complete 40 hours of didactic classroom education and pass a test of 50 questions with an 80% or better score. Arizona also requires 24-48 hours of observation and minimum of 10 treatments per modality observed by your medical director or an ARRA approved laser supervisor.

Kristin Groop is a nationally known expert witness for laser lawsuits and truly understands the importance of creating a safe, effective treatment for the client and the technician. Using her experience as expert witness, coupled with her experience and knowledge as a practicing laser technician and supervisor, you will receive superior training that is not available anywhere else in the cosmetic laser training field.

Arizona, California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Washington and New Jersey have certain requirements to operate a laser, but most states do not require any professional medical training or an esthetics license to perform cosmetic laser procedures. Please check with your state for requirements.

Arizona was the first state to implement comprehensive training requirements spelling out who can use a laser, how much training is required and who can provide the training. The Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency (ARRA) oversees the certification of laser operators, medical directors, and health professionals. Other states have implemented similar regulations based on the Arizona model.

EALA is one of the few training centers to receive ARRA approval in all six laser training certification areas. EALA offers ARRA approved courses to instruct its students as medical directors, health professionals, laser technicians, and laser safety officers. In the state of Arizona, you must be certified by ARRA to legally work with cosmetic lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL). Every Arizona business using cosmetic lasers and IPL must have a medical director that is certified by ARRA and there must be a laser safety officer on record. Additionally, both the facility and each laser device must be registered with ARRA. The penalties for non-compliance are costly and significant so it is essential that all rules are followed.

For doctors, nurses, estheticians, cosmetologists, and career changers residing and working outside of Arizona, EALA provides exceptional multimedia, online classes covering the same subjects as taught in our Scottsdale location. These classes can be taken in conjunction with our live clinical classes to complete the training, or as stand-alone classes.

In addition to laser operator, medical director, health professional and laser safety officer classes, we also have created several microneedling classes, chemical peel classes, and a dermaplaning class. All of these are offered live at our Scottsdale facility, several are offered at our affiliate school locations as hybrid live/online courses, and most courses are also offered 100% online. Click HERE to see all of our course offerings.

EALA is the creation of nationally acclaimed educator and practicing Master Esthetician, Kristin Groop, The Laser Chick®. She has a background in adult education for over 27 years and was an adjunct faculty member of the Maricopa Community College System. Kristin is licensed in the State of Washington as a Master Esthetician and Educator and in the State of Arizona as an Esthetician, Esthetic Instructor, Laser Operator and Laser Instruction Supervisor. after spending seven years as the lead instructor for the nation’s largest laser training school, and listening to feedback from faculty, estheticians, and the thousands of students she had taught, Kristin came to realize that overcrowded classes with a poor student to faculty ratio was impacting both the quality of the education received as well as the employability of the graduates. Rather than be a part of a “degree mill” focused on profit, not student success, Kristin created the curricula for Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy in 2010 knowing that there was a better way to train laser operators to increase their skill set and comprehension of the subjects taught. She has used her passion, experience and extensive knowledge to create the most comprehensive laser and medical esthetics training courses available. She is a national speaker and educator, and has been featured in several international esthetic magazines (les nouvelles magazine, etc.). Kristin has spent years developing research supported and experience tested curricula that are each copyrighted through the Library of Congress. EALA students are taught relevant, timely, valuable information that is truly created and frequently updated by The Laser Chick®. Kristin maintains her own busy practice and uses all the machines and technologies taught at EALA on her clients. Kristin is exceptionally connected in the medical esthetics field and has had great success placing EALA graduates in rewarding careers.

EALA’s goal is not to be the biggest medical esthetic/laser training school, but the very best. Our class sizes are small to ensure enough hands-on treatments for our students to gain the confidence and experience they need to succeed in their own career.

Kristin Groop is the lead instructor at EALA and has hand selected and trained the most effective and experienced esthetic educators to join her. Each instructor is licensed and certified by the state of Arizona, has demonstrated teaching excellence, and maintains his/her own practice to ensure each EALA student the highest caliber of instruction. Our EALA instructors ensure a consistent program of education and also bring a unique perspective to share with EALA students. Kristin also invites industry experts to provide EALA students insight into the latest technologies as well as wisdom on how to succeed in the highly competitive medical esthetics industry.

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