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The 88 Hour Hybrid Comprehensive Laser Operator Course

Format: Hybrid, (40 hours online and then 48 hours live instruction)

Locations: Online then Scottsdale, AZ.

Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy (EALA) is excited to offer students the 88 Hour Comprehensive Laser Course as a revolutionary hybrid course providing all your classroom instruction through video learning. Unlike a voice behind a boring Powerpoint presentation, all of our video courses are professionally recorded and provide engaging, educational, and often entertaining training as if you were sitting in front of a live instructor. Taking the didactic portion of the course online cuts a student’s time away from home dramatically while providing the same quality instruction at the convenience of learning at home. Attendees of this comprehensive hybrid course receive their hands on clinical instruction at our Scottsdale location. This 88 hour hybrid course combines the 40 Hour Online Basic Laser Didactic Course together with the live 48 Hour Clinical Laser Course to provide start to finish comprehensive laser training in less than two weeks.

EALA has developed the 40 Hour Online Basic Laser Didactic Course to be the most comprehensive online laser curriculum based on the latest research and technologies. Students will learn all about:
• Skin and hair anatomy
• Skin cancers
• Transmittable diseases of the skin
• Fitzpatrick & Glogau skin typing
• Laser hair reduction
• IPL/ photofacials
• Fractional technologies
• Tattoo removal
• Laser safety/LSO
• Contraindications and photosensitizing medications
• Profitable operations and avoiding liability
• Marketing laser services and client communication
• Finding employment in the competitive medical/laser esthetics market
• Many other exciting topics!
Attendees will also become certified as a Laser Safety Officer (attendees must provide a current CPR card for LSO certification), which may afford the ability to function in that capacity for an organization.

PREREQUISITES: There are no prerequisites for this course.

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