The 48 Hour Clinical Laser Operator Course (Live, block schedule)

Format: In person

Location: Scottsdale, AZ (all practitioners)

In order to be licensed in AZ as a laser operator, ARRA/ADHS requires graduates of a 40 hour didactic laser course to complete 24 hours of directly supervised permanent hair reduction treatments (a minimum of 10 separate treatments). If an AZ laser operator wishes to perform any other laser treatment in addition to permanent hair reduction, he/she must complete an additional 24 hours of directly supervised hands on cosmetic laser treatments with a minimum of 10 separate treatments per modality (e.g. 10 tattoo removal treatments, 10 IPL treatments, etc.). Many states have similar requirements. For those who are not able to complete these treatments under the direct supervision of a medical director, EALA provides an ARRA/ADHS approved 48 Hour Clinical Laser Course. This ARRA/ADHS approved course utilizes the latest light based technologies to complete a minimum of 24 hours/10 treatments for hair reduction and 24 hours and a minimum of 10 treatments for certification in other cosmetic lasers procedures including photofacials, fractional non-ablative skin rejuvenation and non-ablative tattoo removal.

Unlike other laser training schools, EALA limits clinical class sizes to a maximum of 6 students per instructor to allow for more hands-on time and individual mentoring. Small classes and highly experienced instructors help build the skill sets and confidence needed for our students to become successfully employed. EALA uses the latest equipment from top laser companies such as Alma and the Cynosure family of lasers.

Non-AZ practitioners who elect to take this course at Scottsdale or at the affiliate locations may have the option to customize this course to increase (or decrease) the amount of hours and to change the amount of time devoted to a specific modality. In some circumstances, on-site hands on training (at your location) can be arranged. Customized courses will vary in price based on what is included, affiliate location, and specific requests. Please contact EALA to discuss customizing a course.

PREREQUISITE: Arizona practitioners must have completed a live 40 Hour Basic Laser Operator Course. There are no prerequisites for non-AZ practitioners but the 40 Hour Basic Laser Operator Course (live or online) is strongly encouraged.

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“How does one sum it all up in words when it comes to laser education and professionalism? By saying the name “Krissy Groop”. I was very fortunate to have Krissy as my instructor for laser training at a reputable laser training facility in 2009. Her professionalism kick started me into my own successful laser career and compelled me to be a teacher in my own right. I am hoping my recommendation spurs others to seek Krissy’s guidance and mentorship. It is clear she has a love for this industry.”

“I have had the great opportunity to work with Kristin when she was starting her career in Aesthetics. As her instructor, it was apparent that she was focused and success driven. Kristen has made a name for herself in the past 12 years since she was an aesthetics student. She has a light-hearted personality and a strong sense of business. Five years after her graduation from National Aesthetics Institute, she was my instructor for Laser. I strongly recommend Kristin for any type of laser class for physicians, technicians or clients. As an educator she definitely knows the Laser industry.”