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14 Hour Esthetic Advisor Online Master Microtherapy Course

For those busy skin professionals that cannot travel to Scottsdale, Esthetic Advisor provides comprehensive online microtherapy course training for estheticians, doctors, nurses, and cosmetologists in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Unlike a voice behind a boring powerpoint presentation, all of our video courses are professionally recorded and provide engaging, educational, and often entertaining, training as if you were sitting in front of a live instructor. Taking all or most of the didactic portion of the course online cuts the student’s time away from home dramatically and fits into a busy work and life schedule, while providing the same quality instruction at the convenience of learning at home.

At Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy, we value research and education above hype and marketing. We believe that any new technology requires a theoretical understanding as well as hands on training to maximize the results for the client and the financial success of skin care professionals. Here are a few of the topics the 14 hour Esthetic Advisor Online Microtherapies course training covers:

  • Skin anatomy and skin physiology
  • Research based skin nutrition
  • Fractional technologies including Radio Frequency Microneedling
  • Comparing and combining modalities to maximize results
  • Reducing wound stress and inflammation
  • Wound repair physiology and differential healing responses
  • Fetal versus adult wound healing
  • Genetic and environmental interactions
  • Advantages of mechanical fractional modalities compared to other treatment modalities
  • Treatment planning and case studies
  • Contraindications
  • Demonstration of sample protocols and techniques
  • Choosing the proper topicals and timing of application
  • Methods to increase topical absorption
  • Emerging technologies and the very latest advances in skin care

At Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy, we have developed curricula (including the curriculum above) for physicians and other skin care professionals. Some of our curricula discuss scientific concepts, images, videos, procedures, and opinions that were intended for physicians who have the ability to use devices in a variety of expanded functions and procedures. It is essential that all attendees of Esthetic Advisor courses, regardless of licensure, comply with all FDA, state, and local restrictions regarding the use of any microdevice (or any device for that matter) with respect to his/her specific licensing and to the specific indications authorized by any governing body. Esthetic Advisor courses are designed for informational purposes only and Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy, and Esthetic Advisors LLC do not purport to furnish legal advice. Additionally, the content of this website is for informational purposes only.

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