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24 Hour Online Medical Director Course

Format(s): Online

Location: Online

Many states require that a medical director supervise the operation of any Class II and above cosmetic laser. EALA has developed a 24 hour online medical director course for doctors/nurse practitioners which satisfies this requirement for many states. Please check with your state to see if this course meet its requirements. Our interactive online course covers laser biophysics, hair and skin histology, laser safety, medical director duties, LSO duties, hair reduction, IPL photofacial and other topics. Unlike a voice behind a boring power point presentation, all of our video courses are professionally recorded and provide engaging, educational, and often entertaining training as if you were sitting in front of a live instructor. Taking this course online provides the same quality instruction with the convenience of learning at home.

From a liability standpoint, if a doctor or NP is going to be lending his/her name and license to a facility as a medical director, he/she can reduce liability by learning the physics of lasers and how to operate them safely in order to effectively supervise laser operators. As an expert witness, Kristin Groop has seen this lack of training come up in laser lawsuits where it was used against the supervising doctor/NP.

This course will also include the 8 hour Laser Safety Officer (LSO) certification, which is needed in Arizona, Florida, Texas and Ohio and other states for cosmetic laser facilities.

PREREQUISITE: The Online 24 Hour Medical Director Course is only available to licensed doctors (MD, DO, and NMD) and nurse practitioners or by permission.

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