“Love, love, love this school! Being a former student from another local school, this school is the best hands down. Kris is….well, how should I word this….AWESOME! There are other choices out there, but there is something to be said for smaller class sizes, more personal hands on training and I can’t leave out the comfy classroom itself! Recliners? Are you kidding me?! Yes, recliners and even a blanket if you get chilly from the AC. Oh, and the snacks and fridge with drinks. No vending machines! Larry is really great himself. Very knowledgeable and great at research. Thank you for opening up this wonderful school and looking forward to new classes!”
Christine Klatt
Lasers by Christine

“Wonderful amazing awesome school. Such great and intelligent teachers. So patient and willing to help you in whatever way they can. Such a comfortable learning environment and a great support system. So grateful I ended up finding them for my education. Worth every penny!”
Stephanie S.

“Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy is hands down the best laser school in the valley. They offer training on advanced machines, small class sizes and knowledge that can’t be found anywhere else. The training environment is a unique theater style setting with reclining chairs and a full snack bar to help you survive through the long days of training. The staff is incredible and everyone is super friendly. I am so thankful to have found EALA and would not go anywhere else!!”
Alicia D.

“I would highly recommend Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy to anyone who is seeking a beyond excellent education in laser and medical esthetics. I am a graduate of EALA, and I feel that my education far surpasses that of other laser training facilities. I experienced giving state of the art hands on laser treatments at their onsite facility, Cosmo Medspa. I learned advanced techniques, as well as skin biology in a comfortable theatre like setting. Upon graduating, I received assistance with writing a resume and finding employment at an amazing medical facility. I want to thank everyone at EALA for giving me an outstanding education and making my dreams come true!”
Kim P.

“At first, I was torn about which laser school to attend. After doing some research, the decision was easy. When you write on Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy’s website, the owner, Kris, is the one who responds. She is the one to answer any questions, give you the tour, and she is your main instructor throughout the program. From the first day of my inquiries, I was treated like a person, like a future student, not just another number or name on a list. I loved this school!! The subject matter was covered well, and with our small class size our instructors were able to ensure everyone understood a concept before moving on. During the hands on portion of the course we learned how to successfully perform treatments, how to present pre and post treatment instructions, and how to professionally interact with our clients. I recommend this school to anyone who is interested in a top quality education and more personalized classroom time!!”
Sadie N.

“Esthetic Adviser and Laser Academy is an outstanding school. The instructor, Kris Groop is one of my best instructors that I have had through all of my education. She is confident, extremely intelligent, caring women. She teaches everything in a fun and easy way to understand. I had one on one instruction in theory and practical, which you can’t find anywhere! I share my experience and recommend this school to everyone. I can’t wait to attend more of her clinical courses!”
Alex S.

“Kristin is an expert in her field and I enjoyed her medical director’s course on Laser science and applications. She has a passion for skin aesthetics and her knowledge in the subject is outstanding! I highly recommend her course for those looking for a well-rounded, structured program with one of the best instructors in the field.”
Dr. Jyoti Patel

“How does one sum it all up in words when it comes to laser education and professionalism? By saying the name “Krissy Groop”. I was very fortunate to have Krissy as my instructor for laser training at a reputable laser training facility in 2009. Her professionalism kick started me into my own successful laser career and compelled me to be a teacher in my own right.

“I am hoping my recommendation spurs others to seek Krissy’s guidance and mentorship. It is clear she has a love for this industry.”
Angel B.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Kristin, a couple of years ago at NLI as one of many instructors I had. I may run out of words describing Krissy’s awesome personality because if there is someone that inspires me, its her! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and professional but also has a great sense of humor to go with it. She is one of those people that leave a lasting impression on you and is definitely someone who will go an extra mile to help you out in any situation and that too with a smile on her face. Her energy, position attitude and vibrant personality are definitely contagious and I wish I met more people like her in my life.”
Ayesha B.

“Kristin is a plethora of knowledge, a trusted source and considered an expert when it comes to anything laser, skincare or aesthetics.”
Kim S.

“Being an advanced educator for PCA SKIN and a Master Esthetician, continuing education is essential for professional growth. Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy truly believes in the quality of the education they provide. The teaching staff makes the science behind the technology easy to comprehend. This is truly important because you want to be able to trust a technician’s knowledge and skill level. With the knowledge that I gained from Dr. and Mrs. Groop along with their staff, I feel confident in both the science and technologies that I learned. While attending the academy I was able to do a variety of treatments on various patients and skin types. This hands on experience is key to being successful in any practice even as a seasoned professional. I would highly recommend this training for any clinical professional just starting out or even for someone looking to advance their practical skills and education. Thank you for providing me the skills and tools for my continued success!”
Amy Hirshfeld LE, LEI
Advanced National PCA Educator

“I am a huge fan of sharing good experiences. I respect knowledgeable people that know their stuff. Kris Groop and staff are excellent educators. I am so pleased with my decision to pursue a career in medical aesthetics. I really feel that I put my career in fast forward when I advanced my education in laser and additional courses such as microneedling and chemical peels at Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy.

The course was flexible with my schedule and I didn’t feel like I was just another student in the large herd. They keep the courses very small so that you can receive the one and one attention and direction needed to feel confident. I received hands on education with the freedom to ask any questions that crossed my mind. The didactic portion of the course is just as amazing as the hands on portion of the course. I was intrigued by all the science behind modalities such as laser and microneedling.

The classroom setting is super comfortable and clean. They are kind enough to offer snacks, movie theater seating, blankets and whatever you need to focus and learn. I can honestly say I looked forward to my courses every week because it was FUN! I was very bummed out to graduate because I wanted to stay and hang out with the wonderful staff of Kris Groop, Dr. Larry Groop, Tara Steinseifer and Tori Flodin. It’s hard to say goodbye when you are excited to learn and feel supported by mentors.

If you are looking for a quality education then you should consider Esthetic Advisor Laser Academy. I completed my course feeling confident explaining laser to patients as well as practicing laser and microneedling at my own offices. I currently work for a medical device company as well as perform procedures at dermatology and plastic surgery offices. It truly did not take me time to find employment in the field I enjoy. Good luck to you in your future endeavors!”
My Best,
Brit Chamberlain
Flagstaff, AZ

“I have had the great opportunity to work with Kristin when she was starting her career in Aesthetics. As her instructor, it was apparent that she was focused and success driven. Kristen has made a name for herself in the past 12 years since she was an aesthetics student. She has a light-hearted personality and a strong sense of business. Five years after her graduation from National Aesthetics Institute, she was my instructor for Laser. I strongly recommend Kristin for any type of laser class for physicians, technicians or clients. As an educator she definitely knows the Laser industry.”
Isabel Calleros