Estheticians & Cosmetologists….Looking for 8 HOURS OF CE?  ….Check out this exciting live course and many others!

8 Hour Chemical Peel Course (live) $595

Format(s): In person

Locations: Scottsdale and Boston, MA

Format(s): In person

Locations: Scottsdale, Vancouver, B.C., Boston, MA, and Minnesota

This live 8 hour chemical peel course, in-person class will not only teach you how to chemically peel the skin, but skin anatomy and common skin conditions that chemical peels are used for.  Specifically, you will learn the following subjects:

  • Skin anatomy
  • Chemical peel history
  • Skin conditions
  • Classifications and peel depth
  • Mechanism of action of common peeling agents
  • Contraindications
  • Avoiding potential complications
  • Post peel tips

This chemical peel course will demonstrate the safe and effective use of a mid-depth peel. Students will then have the opportunity to perform a mid-depth peel application.  Because we are using a mid-depth peel, if participants are wishing to use this depth of peel in their practice, they must be under the direction of a medical director with a DEA license, or a health professional possessing a DEA license. You will receive the appropriate certificate of completion at the end of this chemical peel course.

PREREQUISITE: Attendees should be a licensed esthetician, cosmetologist, or healthcare professional.