8 Hour Mid-depth Chemical Peel Course-Online

This 8 hour online class will not only teach you how to chemically peel the skin, but skin anatomy and common skin conditions that chemical peels are used for.  Enrollees will learn the following subjects:

  • Chemical peel history
  • Skin anatomy and physiology
  • Skin conditions
  • Classifications and peel depth
  • Mechanism of action of common peeling agents
  • Contraindications
  • Avoiding potential complications
  • Post peel tips

Our online chemical peel course will demonstrate the application of a mid-depth peel and give instructions for the participant to mimic the demonstration application in their own home with non-chemical components. Enrollees will receive the appropriate certificate of completion at the end of this course.

Notice:  If practitioners are planning to use an actual (non-simulated) mid-depth peel in this course or in their practice, they must be under the direction of a medical director with a DEA license, or a health professional possessing a DEA license.


In order to begin the course, you will be prompted to create a free Edpuzzle student account upon viewing the video contained in the “welcome” lesson. Enrolling into Edpuzzle is very simple and does not require that you submit your email address unless you choose to. The easiest way to enroll is to make sure the “student” tab is selected on the drop down menu and then click on the orange “Sign up” tab. Once enrolled, you need to complete each chapter and the quiz associated with that chapter before you can proceed onto the next chapter. Once you start the edpuzzle video lesson, the video will occasionally stop and require you to answer a non-graded pre-quiz question or read a comment from the instructor. These are not graded and are designed to help you be able to pass the quiz for that section.


Once you complete the Edpuzzle video, there may be images that have “hotspots” on them. Roll your mouse over the hotspots on the image to see explanations and more content.


In some chapters there are additional videos and content that help explain the concepts presented in that chapter. Be sure to view and study these sections as some of the quiz questions will pertain to this material.

You will be required to take a quiz after most chapters and pass each quiz with an 80% or better score to assess your knowledge of the material. With respect to passing the quizzes, if you do not pass the quiz the first time, you may, depending on the chapter, have multiple opportunities to pass the quiz. After you successfully complete the course and pass every quiz, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.


I hope you enjoy the course and learn valuable information. Enjoy!

If you have any questions or technical issues please email tori@estheticadvisorlaseracademy.com or call (480) 656-4481 9-5pm PST.

Once this course is completed, please email tori@estheticadvisorlaseracademy.com or call (480) 656-4481 9-5pm PST to arrange the delivery of your certificate.