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Kris’s Corner: “There’s no crying in esthetic school”

When I was in esthetic school, there were several girls you didn’t want working on you since they never seemed to pay attention in class.  I had one of those girls ask me if she could wax my arms.  I’m thinking, what harm could she do?  It’s not a brow, it’s an arm!

So I sit on a stool, and she applies the wax, and puts the cloth on top and rubs it down.  She grabs my arm underneath and as she pulls the cloth, her fist is aimed at my head, not away from it.  Yep, she punched my on my forehead, just above my eye.

I go flying backwards off the stool, and thank goodness she had a hold of my arm, because I would have fallen off!  She pulls me back up, ( I have a goose egg starting on my forehead) and I inform her this is why nobody lets her work on them.