10 Common Skin Mistakes


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For most of us our skin care routines are some ritual we stick to, mindlessly doing the same thing day in and day out. Habits can be hard to break, but what if I told you that you were repeating the wrong steps, or doing them out of order? Would you change your ritual? Here are 10 Common Skin Care Mistakes you should drop like a bad habit ( See what I did there…)

Over Exfoliating

The key word is OVER, as in, too much. Yes, there can be too much of a good thing, and exfoliating is surely one of them. Its extremely tempting to vigorously scrub or serum your way to that “tight face” feeling. The truth is continuously buffing away the too much of the top skin layer can have damaging long-term effects. The key here: Exfoliate two-three times a week max.


Climbing Into Bed Without Washing Your Face

We forgive you for that one night you finished a bottle of wine to yourself, but don’t make this a habit. Sober you will be so appreciative of drunk you if you wash your face before flopping into bed for the night. Makeup left on overnight is clogging your pores and your oil glands. Meaning, your pores will be looking about as big as your hangover. Wash yo’face ladies!


I am fairly certain everyone and their mother knows that you aren’t supposed to pick at your face, but pimple after pimple you keep on pickin’ on. Anytime you pick at your skin you are causing irritation and possibly scaring. Hands off, ladies!

Not washing your Makeup Brushes

Remember last week when you skin resembled a margarita pizza and you slathered as much foundation on as possible? Well this weeks face does not really welcome last weeks germ-y brushes. Keep them clean ladies, “spread the love” does not apply to this situation.

Sleeping With Your…All Over The Place…

“I woke up like this” does not happen to people who sleep with their hair down. Braid it up, twist it back, what ever you have to do to keep it off your face. The oil from you hair is not helping your complexion.

Not Washing Your Sheets Frequently

Your sheets have a dirty job, lets face it, they accumulate all sorts of “stuff”. A short list of examples: dead skin cells, conditioner reside, the makeup you forgot to wash off last night, puddles of drool, and so much more we don’t even need to talk about… You should be changing your sheets and pillow cases at least once a week, or more if you are acne prone!

Sunscreen isn’t just for the beach

This is not rocket science here, its simple. Wear sunscreen, every damn day!

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep looks good on you, dark circles don’t. Be sure to get full night of beauty rest in, your tub of green concealer will thank you!

Eating a Poor Diet

Fuel your body, feed your skin. By fuel, I do not mean the cheeseburger you are currently ordering at the drive thru on your way to your next meeting. You know its not good for your figure, lets just chalk it up to its not good for your appearance, period.

Slathering your face with every product you own.

Serums, on serums, on serums, is not the key here. Less truly is more, unless we are talking about changing your sheets, then more really is more. In this cases however, you really need to pick a select few high quality products that suit your needs. If you have fickle skin that you think requires multiple serums, try alternating the days you apply them.